Wednesday, November 11, 2009

its been ..

almost 2yrs 7 I am still single. some say this is the a good thing & I can go & "find myself" I say whatevs I need the companionship.

I have "someone" in my life in whom I "frequent" when I need to ca$h those miles in, but he aint what I want. matter fact, when I think of him I get a bad taste in my mouth. I know, mean & why continue to be bothered. #truth is. I told him I want no sexual contact with him, he came out the mouth asking if I Was with someone else., just tired of having meaningless "meetings" with you if nothing is coming out of this.

another guy-friend. takes me out, spends bread..all fine..but I see nothing more than friendship. I enjoy his company & it always feels good to have someone want to take you out. but thats it. nothing more, nothing less on my end.

last but not least, ANOTHING LDD (long distance lover) *smh*. yea, I'm aware. he;s cool, good personality, makes me feel like a school girl on the inside but hes FAR AWAY. wtf don't that make ninjas like this in MY area ?! damn.

damn near 2yrs single & I'm ready for a relationship. READY to be loved full time, cuddled with full-time. everything that comes with a relationship full time.

tim gunn: "make it work"

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